Watching Horror Movies Turns Out That You Can Burn Calories

Speaking of horror movies, of course, we’ve all seen it, right? Yes, horror movies are indeed one of the most popular genres and are in demand by many movie lovers. Because horror movies can spur our adrenaline while watching it. In addition, there is a sensation of fear, alertness, and worry when watching so that makes the atmosphere more tense, but cool.

Behind all that, did you know that watching a horror movie can lose weight? It might sound a little strange, but that’s a fact. This has been proven by research quoted from the TimesofIndia page, that watching a horror movie can trigger static movements in the body so that a significant calorie burning occurs. Especially in the movie, we are often surprised by scary scenes.

Even more, explained that the beating heart rate when watching horror movies can also emit more carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen quickly. Because the body needs excessive breathing when we are anxious.

In blood samples taken from respondents, there is another finding that is quite surprising. From the sample, it was found that someone who routinely watched horror movies had high endurance so that they were not susceptible to seasonal diseases, such as colds and coughs. If explained simply, the body’s reaction when watching a horror movie will trigger an increase in temperature so that it can unconsciously get rid of bacteria and viruses that are lodged in the body.

Then, watching a horror movie can also vent emotions and thoughts that are chaotic so quite often recommended for people who are stressed. As a result, this therapy makes some people calmer and feel a comfortable sensation after watching a horror movie. However, even so, you do not have to constantly watch horror movies, but also can be interspersed with other genres, such as romance or comedy. If you want to watch a lot of movies from various genre online, you can watch them on

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